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Our unique philosophy takes students beyond the pursuit of academic excellence.

With more than 18,000 students in seven diverse Faculties, Brock University offers an academic experience that’s second to none. Our degree programs are designed with your future in mind. We focus on your career with co-op and service learning options that provide maximum exposure to your chosen field of study.

Brock University offers a university experience like no other! As a new university, Brock is continuing to grow and expand it’s educational offering and build new state of the art research facilities.

Brock is the only university located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, boasting outdoor trails and offering breathtaking views of the escarpment. The student experience at Brock allows for a large diversity of interests. We have over 80 unique student interest clubsover 40 sport teams, dedicated Badger Fans (recently voted #1 fans in the CIS), an award winning Intramural program, up to date recreational facilities with an Olympic size pool, Zone Fitness Centre, an active Student Union (BUSU), annual Homecoming celebrations, and numerous ways to get involved on campus including student employment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my first year at Brock cost?

    We know that university costs can be significant. Tuition, fees and living expenses can add up. To better understand the estimated costs, please visit Brock’s Budgeting page and use the fee calculator.

    Student fees that may be assessed through your financial account with the University will include but may not necessarily be limited to the following basic fee categories:

    Tuition is assessed at differentiated rates between: (a) first and continuing year of study, (b) programs of study and (c) international (visa) students.

    Ancillary Fees are assessed on a per credit and sessional basis.  Most ancillary fees are mandatory.  The fees administered by the University are governed by an Ancillary Fee Protocol established between the University and the Students’ Union.

    Program Specific Fees may be charged because of the program you are enrolled in. Typical fees include Co-op administration, Placement or Practicum fees.  For details please consult Other Tuition & Program Related Fees.

    Course Specific Fees may be charged by the University for the reasonable cost of such things as field trips, learning material and clothing retained by the student. Please consult course descriptions to identify if course specific fees apply.

    Miscellaneous Fees or administrative fees are fees for service and may be incurred by a student as a result of a request or action. See the Miscellaneous Fees page for details.

    Residence and Meal Plan Fees vary depending on the residence assigned and type of room. Meal plans are mandatory for certain residence facilities. For details on pricing see Meal Plan options. Information on the cost of residence by residence and room style can be viewed here.

  • Where can I find admissions information?

    Whether you are thinking of applying to Brock, or have already accepted our offer of admission, our Admissions team is here to assist you through the application process with any questions you may have.

    Visit the admissions site

  • I am a current grade 12 Ontario Secondary School student
  • FAQ's for high school students entering Brock
  • FAQ's for college & university transfer students
  • What is my Brock Card?

    The Brock Card is the most important piece of identification you will have while at Brock University. Your Brock Card (commonly referred to as your student card) is your key to your residence building, your bedroom, library card, bus pass, meal plan and recreation pass. You also need it to write your exams.

    Your Brock Card is your official identification card for Brock University and, as such, requires you to have a photo taken that will appear on the card.

    It is required for all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as all faculty and staff. 

    If you attend Smart Start, you will have your picture taken and receive your card that day. Otherwise, you will have to get your card when you move onto campus.

  • What are residences like at Brock?

    Brock offers two styles of residences on campus. We strongly encourage living in residence in your first year, and some students choose to continue to live in residence past their first year.

    Brock has a total of six residence building on campus for first year students. Single and double occupancy rooms are available. Four residences are Traditional Style and require you to purchase a Meal Plan and the remaining two are Townhouse Style and offer the option of purchasing a Meal Plan.

    Traditional style residences have single and double rooms grouped into communities of ‘houses’ or ‘halls’. Students will purchase a meal plan.

    Townhouse style residences offer the convenience of living on-campus with a more independent lifestyle. Students have the option of cooking their own meals, or purchasing an optional meal plan.

    First year students attending Brock University directly from high school are guaranteed a place in residence if they submit their residence application and the application fee on time (details here).

    Brock also has a residence building specifically for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students.

    June 1, 2017 is the DEADLINE for receipt of online residence application and the application fee in order to qualify for the residence guarantee. Applications received after this date will then be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

    Virtually Tour Brock’s Residence Buildings

    Quick Video Peek Inside Brock’s Residence Buildings

    Residence FAQ’s 

  • Which meal plan should I purchase?

    The meal plan option you purchase is dependent upon your needs. If you choose to live in a Townhouse Style residence (Village or Quarry View) you are not required to purchase a meal plan. Each meal plan level includes $300 in Flex Dollars, these can be spent at any on-campus eatery, laundry facility, vending machine, Tim Hortons, and selected off-campus restaurants and businesses.

    Traditional Residence Meal Plan Purchase

    If you are living in a Traditional Style residence building (Earp, Vallee, DeCew or Lowenberger) you are required to purchase a meal plan.

    Meal plans are available for purchase at different levels.

    View levels and costs here.

    Your meal plan dollars can be spent at the Guernsey Market, Hungry Badger, DeCew and Lowenberger Dining Halls, and the Cairns Café.

    Money remaining on your meal plan at the the end of April is rolled over and can be used in your second year. Flex dollars are rolled over as well.

    Non-traditional Residence Meal Plan Purchase

    For those students residing in a non-traditional residence (Quarry View or Village) or off campus, meal plans are not mandatory. If you choose to purchase a meal plan and you are a student residing in a non-traditional residence or off campus, please note the following:

    • Non-traditional residence students or off-campus students purchasing a meal plan will have the option to have their choice billed to their student account, or to pay in person at the Brock Card office.

    More Meal Plan Info

    Meal Plan FAQ’s

  • What is Smart Start? Should I go?

    Smart Start is a great program designed to help orient you a bit before your first day on campus and provide you with information about a variety of topics. We strongly encourage you to register and attend!

    If you register for and attend Smart Start you will be given assistance registering for your courses, finalize your schedule, meet other first-year students, receive information about financing your education, tour our beautiful campus, attend a seminar outlining ways to succeed in post-secondary education, familiarize yourself with the Brock community, learn tips and tricks from current Brock students about making a smooth transition to university life and take your photo for your Brock Card (student ID card).

    Attending Smart Start is a great way to reduce some anxiety about starting in September, it’s also a great opportunity to become a bit more familiar with the campus before classes start.

    Register for Smart Start


  • How do I book a tour?

    We invite you to book a tour and experience our campus in person! Tours can be booked online or you can take a virtual tour.

    Brock is best experienced in person, so we invite you to come and check out our beautiful campus in person.

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