I am struggling with my classes, how to find my academic advisor?

When should I see an Academic Advisor?

  • You have concerns about your progression in a course, or in your program
  • You need additional support (i.e. Peer Tutoring, Academic Support Workshops)
  • You’re interested in changing programs
  • You’re looking to withdraw from your program
  • You require an individualized academic plan
  • You want to know more about your options after you have completed your program
  • If you are an international student you would see your International Student Advisor (ISA) to discuss your academic and transition needs

What does an Academic Advisor do?

  • Provide specific information about your program
  • Help you adjust to college life and the demands of your program
  • Connect you with additional college supports, and provide tips for academic success
  • Assess and discuss your academic progress and standing
  • Assist with understanding Niagara College policies and procedures
  • Help you establish realistic educational goals and future planning
  • Provide guidance for successful progression towards graduation
  • International Student Advisors (ISA) assist with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada applications

Click here to find your academic advisor.

How to find Indigenous support or self-identify

The Indigenous Education Department supports our students through culturally appropriate teachings, academic guidance, leadership opportunities, community referrals, and assistance in navigating the college system. We honour Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being. Our Indigenous Centres, both in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake, are a home-away-from-home where students find community on campus and build long-lasting relationships. We welcome all Indigenous students from different nations. Learn more about us

I need advice on how to study and take notes

Whether you are trying to absorb information in class or trying to understand the material in your textbook, study techniques can make learning easier. Click here for helpful tips

I need accommodation for my classes. How do I find Accessibility services?

The Accessibility Services team is committed to equal access to education for all students.

Services are free and confidential.

This team provides support and accommodations for students with permanent or temporary disabilities who are attending Niagara College or are in the application process. Students are required to self-identify in order to access these services.

I need best practices on taking test. Test-taking strategies

Taking tests is difficult, especially when you’ve never learned strategies on memorizing and understanding key concepts from course notes.

There are specific skills you can develop to make writing tests easier! Review these links to learn the ideal steps to test taking:

I Need proof of enrolment

How to Request a Confirmation of Enrolment Letter

What is a Confirmation of Enrolment?

A Confirmation of Enrolment letter will show your current (if applicable) and previous enrolments at Niagara College. It will show your program and term history along with important details like your student ID number and address.

What can I use a Confirmation of Enrolment letter for?

You may forward your Confirmation of Enrolment letter to any person or institution you wish. When determining if a person or institution will accept the letter, it is advised that you check first with the receiving person or institution.

Typical uses of the Confirmation of Enrolment may be: immigration (provided to IRCC for permit extensions or shown at the border when re-entering Canada), banking/financial, employment, or provided to government offices or institutions in your home country. Click for instructions.

How to download your Confirmation of Enrolment:

  2. Once you are logged in to the MyNC portal, click on the “Dashboard” icon
  3. Scroll down to “My Student Record” and select “Request Forms”
  4. Select “Current Confirmation of Enrolment Letter”
  5. Wait for the letter to be generated (allow pop-ups in your web browser)
  6. Once the report has generated, the PDF report will automatically download


How do I request to have my tuition deposit wave for youths and extended youth in care?

Contact admissions at admissions@niagaracollege.ca or student accounts at studentaccounts@niagaracollege.ca

How do I know when my tuition and deposits are due?

Deposit and Tuition Due Dates

A $250.00 mandatory non-refundable tuition deposit is required for all new AND returning students each term. This deposit is required to secure a place in a program, and is also required before students can select a timetable. The tuition deposit is part of the student’s tuition fees, and reduces the tuition owed. There are no service charges in this amount.  Click to view due dates

Your tuition invoice can be viewed through the My Financials section of MyNC. See: My Financials Navigation

How do I make tuition payment?